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EiKO-Europe offices and warehouse Jockgrim, Germany

Since 1978, EiKO Global has been operating as manufacturer and importer of lighting products and lamps for all kind of lighting applications on the international market. Thanks to decades of experience and knowhow, EiKO has been able to offer the complete product range of standardized and specific lighting products in vacuum, halogen and fluorescent lamp technology.

A wide range of LED lighting products and lamps suitable for applications in industry, technology and many other areas complete our supply range. For almost 15 years EiKO-Europe GmbH near Karlsruhe has been the European subsidiary of EiKO Global. Due to innovative light solutions and consistent use of future-orientated technology, EiKO has been able to achieve an above average growth in the international market in recent years.

As a medium-sized group with our own production facilities we are committed to flexibility and customer focus. This helps us to ensure speedy project realization and new product development in collaboration with our customers.

We are your individual solutions provider in matters of innovative light and illumination 

Certified Green

EiKO is commited to using efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly technology for both product and company resources. When it comes to our product range, we conduct certifications through external institutes such as Energy Star or TÜF. In our company we apply the latest techniques to reduce the energy level to the absolute minimum. All of our packaging and paper is recyclable.

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